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The Joint Committee

The Joint Committee was established when PUSH formalised the partnership arrangements between each of the partner Local Authorities through a Joint Agreement under Local Government Acts. This was subject to approval by all the partner Councils and came into force in November 2007.

The Joint Committee is the decision making body for PUSH. The membership consists of the Leaders or their nominated representative of twelve councils, supported by their Chief Executives and the PUSH Executive Director. The Joint Committee is currently chaired by Councillor Seán Woodward, the Leader of Fareham Borough Council with Councillor Donna Jones, Leader of Portsmouth City Council as Vice Chairman.

The Joint Committee meets approximately bi-monthly with the Solent Local Enterpise Partnership (LEP), Environment Agency and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) represented on the Committee as observers.

Meetings of the Joint Committee are open to members of the public and its agenda, papers and reports are published on the PUSH website seven days in advance of scheduled meetings.

Alongside the Joint Committee, an Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been established to compliment and, where necessary, make recommendations to the Joint Committee with regards PUSH business. The Committee comprises of a nominated Councillor and Chief Executive from each of the PUSH authorities.

21 February 2017

Minutes 21.02.17 PDF 215Kb

Minutes 22.11.16 PDF 213Kb

Agenda 21.02.17 PDF 74Kb

Item 6 - PUSH Interim Co-ordinators report PDF 126Kb

Item 7 Push Budget Report 21.pdf PDF 109Kb

Item 8 Solent LEP 21.pdf PDF 3Mb

Item 9 SRMP 21.pd PDF 69KbPDF 69Kb

22 November 2016

Minutes 22.11.16 PDF 213Kb

Agenda 22.11.16 PDF 74Kb

Item 6 - Spatial Position Statement report MS Word 76Kb

Item_6 - Appendix_1_-_position_statement.pdf

Item 6 - Appendix 2 - Housing OAN PDF 2Mb

Item 6 - Appendix 3 - Economic and Employment Land Evidence PDF 1Mb

Item 6 - Appendix 4 - Sustainability Appraisal PDF 4Mb

Item 6 - Appendix 5 - Strategic Habitat Regulations Assessmen PDF 16Mbt

Item 7 - PUSH Co-ordinators report PDF 131Kb

Item 7 - Appendix 1 PDF 127Kb

Item 8 - Arrangements for PUSH PDF 222Kb

Item 9 - Devolution in the Solent area PDF 132Kb

13 September 2016

PUSH O&S Minutes 13.09.16 PDF 235Kb

Agenda 13.09.16 PDF 73Kb

Item 6 - PUSH Executive Directors Report PDF 205Kb

Item 6 - Annex A - PUSH Business Plan 2016/18 PDF 519Kb

Item 7 - PUSH Budget Report PDF 221Kb

Item 7 - Annex 1 - PUSH Statement of Accounts 2015/16 PDF 427Kb

Item 8 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment MS Word 76Kb

Item 8 - Annex 1 - SFRA PDF 1Mb

Item 9 - Covering report on PUSH Spatial Position Statement PDF 275Kb

Item 9 - Annex 1 - PUSH Position Statement PDF 962Kb

Item 9 - Annex 2 - Housing OAN PDF 2Mb

Item 9 - Annex 3 - Economic and Employment Land Evidence Paper PDF 1Mb

Item 9 - Annex 4 - Sustainability Appraisal PDF 4Mb

Item 9 - Annex 5 - Strategic Habitat Regulations Assessment PDF 16Mb

Item 10 - SRMP Update PDF 259Kb

Previous Overview and Scrutiny Committee

24 May 2016

Amended Minutes O&S 24.05.16 PDF 246Kb

19 January Minutes PDF 288Kb

24 May Agenda PDF 76Kb

Item 6 - PUSH Executive Director's Report PDF 216Kb

Item 6- Annex A: South Western Stakeholder Consultation PDF 1Mb

Item 6 - Annex B: PUSH response to South Western Rail Franchise Consultation PDF 441Kb

Item 7 - PUSH Budget Monitoring Report PDF 182Kb

Item 8 - Energy and the Green Economy Update PDF 373Kb

Item 9 - Solent Energy Strategy Update PDF 106Kb

Item 10 - SRMP Update PDF 47Kb