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Research Reports

This section features research papers and reports relevant to, commissioned by, or carried out by, the Partnership.

Anchoring Growth: An economic assessment of the Solent area

Centre for Cities have published an independent report which looks at how the Solent LEP and PUSH can support economic growth in light of the emerging City Deal negotiations and their commitment to develop a new strategic plan for local growth for the Solent area.

Compiled by Centre for Cities, the report reflects on the successes and strong history of partnership working in the Solent area recognising however, that more needs to be done in these challenging economic times if the area is to 'punch above its economic weight' and succeed in its ambition to safeguard and create more jobs and homes.

Centre for Cities Report - Solent area (May 2013 PDF 4Mb)

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Portsmouth Naval Base (2012)

The Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) in partnership with the Solent LEP and the University of Portsmouth has commissioned a highly significant and independent report looking at the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Portsmouth Naval Base (2012). Below are links to the Executive Summary and Full report. A copy of the associated PUSH press release is also attached as a link below.

Portsmouth Naval Base study - Executive Summary (June 2012) PDF 236Kb

Portsmouth naval Base study - Full Report (June 2012) PDF 1Mb

Portsmouth Naval Base study - PUSH press release (June 2012) PDF 114Kb