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From the Chairman

Our Chairman, Councillor Seán Woodward
Partnership for South Hampshire Chairman, Councillor Seán Woodward

The Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) is an excellent and longstanding example of local authorities, local partners and government agencies working alongside one another for the greater good of South Hampshire.

There is an appreciation that economic development, skills and housing issues cut across boundaries of local planning authorities and as such we continue to strive towards improving the overall performance of the South Hampshire and Isle of Wight economy, enhancing employment opportunities by improving skills levels and enabling affordable family homes and good quality jobs for all.

Despite our ever-changing environment, PfSH maintains a clear vision; to improve the economic performance of the sub-region while recognising that to be sustainable, housing and economic growth need to move ‘hand in hand’. PfSH retains a successful track record in meeting its priorities but we are always focusing on adding value and have recently looked at what our priorities should be to help our area thrive.

PfSH has to adapt while maintaining its objectives in order to improve the sub-region, hence the focus is now on:

  • Sustainably increasing the supply of new homes and the required infrastructure to support them and economic growth more generally
  • Supporting the creative and digital sector
  • Looking to develop joint services in areas of work with which PfSH is engaged

PfSH does not create the housing numbers or indeed the need for new homes. Individual local planning authorities decide the numbers of new homes required through their own local plans. PfSH satisfies the duty placed upon local planning authorities to co-operate by co-ordinating the assessment of local housing need.

We want to generate a renaissance of the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth alongside our older urban areas. Working in partnership with organisations such as the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, PfSH is determined to tackle any difficult issues and bring this into effect.

Councillor Seán Woodward