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Our Chairman, Councillor Seán Woodward
Partnership for South Hampshire Chairman, Councillor Seán Woodward

The Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) is a partnership of twelve local authorities around the Solent under an arrangement which aims to improve the economic performance of the wider South Hampshire sub-region.

Our members recognise that to be truly successful, economic development, skills and housing issues cut across the boundaries of individual local planning authorities . The Partnership strives to improve the overall performance of the regional economy, enhance employment opportunities by improving skills levels and enabling affordable family homes and good quality jobs for all.

Formed in 2003, PfSH is an excellent and longstanding example of local authorities, local partners and government agencies working together for the benefit of the people of living, working and visiting the region. Together, our members appreciate that despite our ever-changing environment, PfSH maintains its successful track record in meeting its priorities and focusses on adding value to what we consider will make our region thrive. PfSH’s business plan identifies the following focusses for its work:

  • Sustainably increasing the supply of new homes and the required infrastructure to support them and economic growth more generally
  • Supporting the creative and digital sector
  • Looking to develop joint services in areas of work with which PfSH is engaged

PfSH does not create the housing numbers or the need for new homes – it is the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) that sets out the minimum number of new homes required of PfSH authorities through its standard methodology. PfSH satisfies the duty placed upon local planning authorities to co-operate by co-ordinating the assessment of local housing need.

Working in partnership with organisations such as the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, transport and infrastructure bodies, and many others – PfSH seeks to work across the boundaries of its individual members to successfully meet challenges together, and make the most of the opportunities that can be shared across the wider sub-region.

Councillor Seán Woodward