Our Partnership and Nutrient Neutrality

To tackle nutrient neutrality, PfSH has been taking a strategic approach to finding sites to mitigate nitrogen and phosphorus. By looking across the entire catchment, development has been able to continue, and new wetlands and woodlands have been created.

PfSH has been proactive in solving nutrient neutrality in the Solent since the introduction of the requirement in 2019. Through effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders across the catchment, PfSH has kept on top of the issue and ensured that new homes and overnight accommodation can be built more sustainably across Hampshire.

Over the last four years, a number of nitrogen mitigation sites have become available to developers, with more in the planning pipeline for the future.

Phosphorus mitigation is now a requirement in the Itchen catchment within the Solent following the publication of nutrient neutrality guidance in March 2022 by Natural England. There is already some mitigation in the area and projects in the pipeline, but a larger solution is still needed to meet the demand.

PfSH now has a dedicated strategic environmental planning team working across the Solent. Our focus is on bringing forward more phosphorus mitigation to help with the housing backlog in the Test and Itchen catchment. We are also looking ahead and getting ready for new policy that may come forward in the future to prevent any adverse effects on development in the PfSH area.