Our members


Members of Joint Committee

  • Cllr Robert Mocatta (East Hampshire District Council)  (Cllr Chris Hatter as deputy)
  • Cllr Keith House (Eastleigh Borough Council)  (Cllr Ian Corben as deputy)
  • Cllr Seán Woodward (Fareham Borough Council)  (PfSH Chairman) (Cllr Simon Martin as deputy)
  • Cllr Peter Chegwyn (Gosport Borough Council)  (Cllr Robert Hylands as deputy)
  • Cllr Stephen Philpott (Hampshire County Council)  (Cllr Rob Humby as deputy)
  • Cllr Alex Rennie (Havant Borough Council)  (Cllr Elizabeth Lloyd as deputy)
  • Cllr Derek Tipp (New Forest District Council)
  • Professor Gavin Parker (New Forest National Park Authority)  (Gordon Bailey as deputy)
  • Cllr Lee Hunt (Portsmouth City Council)  (Cllr Matthew Atkins as deputy)
  • Cllr Simon Letts (Southampton City Council)
  • Cllr Nick Adams-King (Test Valley Borough Council)  (Cllr Phil Bundy as deputy)
  • Cllr Martin Tod (Winchester City Council)  (Cllr Neil Cutler as deputy)

Members of Overview and Scrutiny Committee

  • Allan Glass (New Forest District Council) (Chairman)
  • David Keast (Havant Borough Council)
  • Malcolm Daniells (Fareham Borough Council)
  • Malcolm Johnson (East Hampshire District Council)
  • Marley Guthrie (Southampton City Council)
  • Martin Pepper (Gosport Borough Council)
  • Mike Maltby (Test Valley Borough Council)
  • Neil Cutler (Winchester City Council)
  • Peter Latham (Hampshire County Council) (Vice-chairman)
  • Richard Gorner (Eastleigh Borough Council)
  • Ryan Brent (Portsmouth City Council)

Co-opted members

  • James Humphrys (Environment Agency)
  • Kevin Bourner (Homes England)
  • Paddy May (Portsmouth City Council, PfSH Co-ordinator)

Chief Executives

  • Gill Kneller (East Hampshire District Council)
  • James Strachan (Eastleigh Borough Council)
  • Andrew Wannell (Fareham Borough Council)
  • Debbie Gore (Gosport Borough Council)
  • Carolyn Williamson (Hampshire County Council)
  • Steve Jorden (Havant Borough Council)
  • Kate Ryan (New Forest District Council)
  • Alison Barnes (New Forest National Park Authority)
  • Natalie Brahma-Pearl (Portsmouth City Council)
  • Andrew Travers (Southampton City Council)
  • Andrew Ferrier (Test Valley Borough Council)
  • Laura Taylor (Winchester City Council)