Our vision

Over the next 20 years, South Hampshire will gain further recognition as:

  • An area offering prosperity and a high quality of life for residents
  • A location of choice for growing business
  • A major centre of excellence in innovation and technology, enabling smarter and more sustainable growth
  • A place where the benefits of growth are shared by all sectors and communities.
  • This brighter future will be based on a strengthened economy, thereby reinforcing existing communities and broadening the types and range of housing available to meet the needs of the sub-region. PfSH aims to enhance the quality of life in the sub-region by conserving and enriching our natural and historic environment.

Our clear goal is to improve the economic performance of the sub-region and to narrow the gap of disadvantage that holds us back through an approach of managed, conditional growth.

We recognise that in order to be sustainable, housing and economic growth need to move in step, underpinned by the requisite infrastructure. This approach is woven into our objectives which are as follows:

  • promoting economic success by seeking to create a diverse economy where business, enterprise and individuals can flourish, underpinned by modern skills
  • providing the homes we need in sustainable communities
  • building more cohesive communities and reducing inequalities, closing the gap between deprived areas and the economic performance of PfSH sub-region
  • investing in infrastructure and sustainable solutions
  • promoting a better quality of life by safeguarding our environment and investing in our urban areas

This is a long-term endeavour, which requires a sustained focus over at least the next 20 years. The targets and actions that PfSH will undertake in order to deliver this vision can be found within its Business Plan.