Our Working Arrangements

The working arrangements for PfSH have been established to ensure that there is a relentless focus on improving the economic performance of the sub-region by all those who have a part to play in achieving that aim.

These arrangements have evolved over the course of time as the partnership has sought to strengthen its democratic accountability and transparency in delivering the actions in the thematic chapters of the Business Plan.

A revised governance structure was endorsed by the PfSH Joint Committee at its meeting in January 2014 subsequent to the significant changes in the economic, policy and funding environment; notwithstanding the establishment of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP). PfSH continues to work collaboratively with local businesses and educational institutions through the Solent LEP and is well represented on a number of jointly established Boards and Committees namely the Solent LEP Board, Solent Local Growth Panel, Solent Employment and Skills Board, Inward Investment Board, Future Solent and Solent Transport.