Our priorities


PfSH is committed to long term, managed and conditional growth and regeneration and to the delivery of the housing, infrastructure, facilities and services necessary to achieve it. In order enrich our natural and historic environment – and enhance the quality of life of anyone who lives in, works in or visits the sub-region – our priorities are:

  • to provide the homes we need in sustainable communities
  • to build more cohesive communities and reduce inequalities, closing the gap between deprived areas and the economic performance of the PfSH sub-region
  • to invest in infrastructure and sustainable solutions
  • to promote a better quality of life by safeguarding our environment and investing in our urban areas

These are long-term endeavours that require a sustained focus over years. Our Business Plan explains what we will do in the next couple of years to lay the foundations for delivery.

Our spending priorities

Our spending priorities throughout the Business Plan period will be:

  • working in collaboration with the Solent LEP and key partners towards enabling and facilitating economic growth across the the sub-regional and the wider Solent geography. We continue to prioritise short to medium term initiatives that enable sustainable growth, particularly those schemes that support employment and skills, inward Investment, housing, quality of place and the unlocking of local jobs for local people
  • providing the conditions to facilitate and encourage housing delivery. This means bringing forward urban sites and regeneration initiatives, resourcing preparatory work on urban extensions and meeting milestones in the preparation of local development documents
  • enabling transport projects that support the above in line with Solent Transport strategies
  • preparing non-transport infrastructure projects for the longer term
  • measures to ensure quality places for new and existing communities
  • exploring innovative ways to secure substantial further resources to ensure our priorities can be delivered in the short, medium and long term