Business plan

In recent years, the landscape within which PfSH operates has changed dramatically. The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is now well established and is driving initiatives in areas previously tackled by PfSH. In addition, the abolition of regional planning heralds an enhanced role for the Partnership in facilitating strategic planning at sub-regional level. In response to these changes, PfSH has reviewed its role and governance arrangements. The conclusions of that review provided the foundation for our Partnership for South Hampshire Business Plan  which sets out the focus of our work for the next few years.

The Business Plan has three main purposes:

  • to demonstrate the ambitious vision that PfSH has for South Hampshire and the steps we are taking to deliver it
  • to demonstrate how PfSH will be working with its partners
  • to encourage investment in South Hampshire by the public and private sectors

The Plan is considered a ‘living document’, responsive to the evolving national and regional policy context in line with an evidence based approach necessary to inform decisions. As a consequence, It is the intention to undertake a periodic review of the Plan as and when necessary thereby ensuring a robust and structured framework for developing the theme based work programme.