Policy and strategy

PfSH remains committed to delivering sustainable economic growth in partnership with partners across the PfSH area. The Solent LEP is now established as a private sector led body tasked with working collaboratively with local partners to stimulate and promote sustainable growth across the Solent region. PfSH is committed to working jointly with the LEP and other partners to deliver the growth ambitions of the Solent area. As a consequence, PfSH continues to play a pivotal role in policy formulation related to spatial planning, housing and regeneration as well as producing a range of robust evidence based studies, necessary to articulate the growth ambitions of the Solent area. These policies / strategies guide PUSH’s actions and decisions, and has to date helped to influence the decision-making of PUSH authorities and other bodies.

The Solent area now has a new Growth Plan entitled ‘Transforming Solent: Solent Strategic Economic Plan 2014-2020’. This ambitious plan builds on the areas’ strengths, harnesses the drivers for growth and addresses the barriers, which if not addressed, could hinder growth in the Solent region. An executive summary of the report is also available; Transforming Solent: Executive summary.’ The new investment strategy brings together:

  • Local assets to unlock resources to be re invested in growth, including the Southampton- Portsmouth City Deal – a £953m investment plan.
  • The Solent LEP European Union Structural and Investment Strategy – valued at £78m including private and public sector match funding.
  • Local Growth Deal proposal valued at £1.85 bn, including £102m of local public funding and £1.43 bn private sector leverage. A total ask of £305m is sought from the Local Growth Fund, of which £103.2m will be sought in 2015/16.

Developed through extensive consultation with PUSH and other local partners, the ambitious plan seeks to focus on parts of the local economy that need to develop or change the most to accelerate growth. This involves unlocking the potential of the two cities deemed as engines of sustainable growth as well as the wider Solent area. Accompanying the Solent SEP is a new plan, ‘Transforming Solent: Marine and Maritime Supplement’, which aims to create a climate for sustainable growth in the marine and maritime industry in the Solent. Published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in April 2014, the plan identifies marine and maritime as the largest sector in the Solent region and establishes the route to reinvigorate its ‘Global reputation for marine and maritime excellence through integrated leadership and planning, new technologies and promoting that ‘brand’.

A key objective identified in the Solent Local Growth Plan is to unlock critical employment sites and enable new housing to support a growing workforce. The Plan identifies 24,000 new homes as a target by 2020. The current South Hampshire Strategy adopted in October 2012, provides a framework to inform and support the preparation of statutory local plans which will assist the Solent area to plan for housing in a concerted manner. Further to the publication of the new ‘South Hampshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment’ published in January 2014; preparation to review the current South Hampshire Strategy to 2036 is underway which will bring the evidence base in the SHMA with a range of other factors to consider what development should be planned beyond 2026 to support the anticipated level of growth in the PUSH area.

Other PfSH strategies and policy documents: