Our work

The PfSH Chief Executives Group and Delivery Panels

The Joint Committee is the decision making body for PfSH. At officer level, PfSH’s work programme is led by the PfSH Chief Executives Group which comprises of nominated Chief Officers from the principal authorities and partner organisations, the Lead Chief Executive for each of the delivery panels and the PfSH Executive Director.

Delivery Panels

In line with our objectives, themed Delivery Panels are responsible for overseeing and driving the implementation of the relevant chapter of the Business Plan. They are each chaired by an elected Councillor who also sits on the Joint Committee, with a nominated Lead Chief Executive, a Cabinet level Councillor from the PfSH partner Councils to support him plus appropriate operational lead officers.

The Panels:

  • Planning & Infrastructure
  • Energy & the Green Economy
  • Cultural Creative Industries & the Built Environment

In addition to the delivery panels above, PUSH is also a key partner and facilitator of the Solent EU Collaboration Group. This group brings together public and voluntary sector organisations, universities and business/SME representatives from across the region who seek to secure EU funding for projects that drive; economic growth, innovation and competitiveness; employment and skills; environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Its purpose is to gather, share and assess key funding opportunities, encourage strategic planning and partnerships across sectors, and support the development and submission of future EU bids. A key objective is to add value to regional and local economic priorities, including the Solent LEP Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and European Structural & Investment Fund (ESIF) Strategy, by maximising investment and resources to deliver greater levels of economic, environmental and social return.

To date, Group members have worked collaboratively to develop 18 EU funded projects with a total value of over £20m of which £3m has directly supported activity by PUSH partners. Southampton City Council, Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire County Council and the Isle of Wight Council have acted as Lead Partner and Accountable Body for 8 projects, including BEEMS (Building European Environmental and Maritime Skills), TSE (Tackling Social Exclusion) and EMSAC (EU Marine Science Applications Consortium).

The EU Collaboration Group is supported in its work through the direct benefits of PfSH membership of Southern England Local Partners (SELP). SELP is a partnership of local authorities, universities and other public and private sector organisations. It aims to secure the most from UK membership of the European Union by providing its partners with information on EU policy and programmes and facilitating strategic contacts, partnerships and networks from its offices in Brussels. SELP also supports the development of EU funded projects through disseminating project ideas, providing a partner search facility, producing an EU funding guide and distributing information on calls for proposals.