Potential Nutrient Mitigation Schemes

There are now many mitigation schemes running in the Solent for developers to buy mitigation credits from. Information on the supply and demand of nutrient mitigation in the PfSH sub region is regularly reported to PfSH Joint Committee. There is a good supply of nitrogen credits across the Solent, but phosphorus credits are in very short supply.

The map below can be used to see which mitigation sites are available in each catchment and mitigation scheme information and contact list can also be found below.


The list of mitigation schemes is in no way exhaustive of the potentially available mitigation options available to developers, and does not intend to recommend any particular mitigation scheme. The list indicates potential schemes known to the Partnership for South Hampshire Strategic Environmental Planning Team.

The list of currently available mitigation schemes is available:

Potential Nutrient Mitigation Schemes April 2024

It is the responsibility of the applicant/developer to find suitable and sufficient nutrient mitigation solutions. Developers should seek their own legal advice and the advice of Natural England with regard to the suitability of particular mitigation schemes for individual developments

It is intended that this list will be developed as more mitigation sites are made available. Should any mitigation providers wish to be included on this list then please contact our Strategic Environmental Planning Manager Simon Kennedy by email at skennedy@fareham.gov.uk.