Planning and Infrastructure



PfSH’s primary objective is to improve South Hampshire’s economic, cultural and environmental performance. This requires provision of land for development and infrastructure to support growth, while protecting the environment and quality of life.

A ready supply of employment land of the right type and in the right places is critical. A range of sizes and types of new homes including affordable housing are needed. The transport and water infrastructure needs to be upgraded and new services like schools and doctors surgeries provided to support growth. South Hampshire and the surrounding area has a high quality environment which needs to be protected.

The PfSH-Spatial-Position-Statement 2023 is supported by evidence and sets out the overall need for development to 2036 and helps councils meet their duty to co-operate with each other.

Local planning authorities are required to resolve cross-boundary strategic planning issues through their local plans. Complying with the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ (National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) para 17) is a fundamental requirement for local plans to successfully be found sound through public examination.

The PfSH Spatial Position Statement 6 December 2023 is a guide for future local plans, housebuilding and development in the sub-region. In line with the aim of addressing the national housing crisis, the Government is clear that strategic policies within development plans should provide for unmet needs in neighbouring authority areas, unless this would contravene specific national planning policies, or these policies taken as a whole. Significantly boosting the supply of housing has been at the centre of all three versions of the NPPF.