Research Reports

This section features research papers and reports relevant to, commissioned by, or carried out by the Partnership.

  • Update to Integrated Water Management Study 2018 – review of methodology and assumptions (2020). This technical note was commissioned by the Partnership for South Hampshire following a decision made by the PfSH Planning Officers Group to review the assumptions on which the 2018 was based. It presents the results of an updated calculation of the increase in TON loading to
    the Solent that could potentially result from projected housing growth in the PfSH area.


  • Integrated Water Management Study 2018. The report was commissioned by the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) to assess any implications from the planned growth in the region on the water resource and water quality environment.


  • Centre for Cities published an independent report which looks at how the Solent LEP and PfSH can support economic growth in light of City Deal negotiations and their commitment to develop and new strategic plan for local growth in the Solent area. The report reflects on the successes and strong history of partnership working in the Solent area, recognising however that more needs to be done in these challenging economic times if the area is to ‘punch above its economic weight’ and succeed in its ambition to safeguard and create more jobs and homes. You can view this report here.